Girls, Girls, Girls

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Bettie Page Rules SC
Legendary pinup artist and entertainment historian Jim Silke offers his firsthand account of life behind the lens of the fifties pinup scene with his freshest book to date, Bettie Page Rules. Combining fun and informative writing with his singular insight into the world of gorgeous dames, Silke delivers a tantalizing pictorial portrait of all the 1950s bombshells. Bettie Page Rules is bursting at the seams with all-new pin-up paintings from Silke, capturing the fifties most gorgeous women in sizzling detail, not to mention an all-new selection of never-before-seen photos of Bettie, painstakingly gathered from private collections. Format: FC, 128 pages, TP, 9" x 12".
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Good Girl Art HC
Noted comics historian Ron Goulart has produced the final word on good girls in the comic books with Good Girl Art, chronicling the history of the good girl in comics from the beginning, in the comic book sweatshops of the late 1930s, through the war years, the 1950s, to the present. Featuring over 200 illustrations, Good Girl Art showcases rarely seen original artwork by such legendary comic artists as Matt Baker, Lee Elias, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Joe Chiodo and Dave Stevens. Format: FC, 224 pages, HC, 9" x 12".
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Pin-Up Poster Book: The Elvgren Collection
Artist Gil Elvgren's pin-up girls will undoubtedly be recognized by a wide audience: this poster book rediscovers this classic artist, and while its oversized, tall format may challenge shelving, it makes an eye-catching, irresistible display. Bright full-page poster examples form the foundation of excellent timeless artwork. Introduction by Marianne Ohl Phillips. 16 prints by Elvgren. Format: FC, 46 pages, SC, 10" x 14".
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