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Agonies Of Ashley GN
A never-ending tale of female punishment and enslavement. Bored with the good life, Ashley Laughton explores the intriguing subculture of BDSM. She had not expected to fall so completely under the spell of Robert, a dominant master who owned and controlled his own mansion of slaves. Giving her body and soul to Robet to do with as he pleased had only one drawback. Ashley was married to a very powerful and successful executive. The day Peter Laughton discovered his young wife's treachery was the day Ashley's real nightmare began. Format: Novel, 172 pages, SC, 5" x 7".
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Ponygirls At Sea GN
Princess Shalimar, wicked daughter of the wealthy Sheik Faud, has abducted a boatload of lovely slavegirls on the high seas. On the outskirts of the North African coastal town of Rabat, she holds them at her private estate as her own personnel livestock for the ponygirl races. Format: Novel, 186 pages, SC, 5" x 7".
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Pain Is The Best Teacher Volume 1 GN
What if you suddenly had all the cash you needed to make your dreams come true? A big lottery win put Malcolm Hendrick injust that position. And his dreams were of bondage. With the help of his loyal servant and a sadistic lesbo amazon, Malcolm abducts his first young victim, and imprisons her in his mountain retreat for mind conditioning and sexual misery. Format: Novel, 172 pages, SC, 5" x 7".
Orig Price: $19.95 / Your Price: $5