How does one fund a publishing house? You take your son at his word when he admits he doesn't share your love for comic books. The records? The CDs? The media collection? Yeah. He'll take that. The comics? Pass.

I was crushed. But, I'm a practical guy. So what does one do when he has no heir to his lifelong obsession? To add to that, what does one do when he has no interest in grading comics, or seeing them sealed for eternity in plastic cases? Well, cash is always handy when you're making stories about girls with guns kicking the hell out of guys dumb enough to stand in their way. So I took the two dilemmas and mashed them together. I rammed the chocolate into the jar of peanut butter. Out came not a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but the idea for a fan site called Bargain Comics.

I'm old school. I just turned 49. Comics were 35 cents when I started buying them back in the 70s. And I've still got some of those early books. Never did I think I would have a job one day that would tie into my childhood hobby. But, 20 years later, I'm still in the comics biz, and I've been collecting steadily since I first took that early job as a proofreader back in 1996.

Travels to comic cons throughout various states and different coasts have offered me many opportunities to get rare and signed books. Plus, I've amassed a TON of underground stuff, both in print and digital. Some of the stuff is so toxic that you need hazmat suits (I collected a lot of adult titles back in the day). So what I've decided to do is make my collection public. It'll be an ongoing labor of love, and I'll be throwing up scans and lists for books and collectibles ranging from superhero fare to Eros' Bondage Cop. Viewer discretion is advised.

But it'll be back issue inventory made fun, and with uncensored commentary. Lists will be in text or excel. Digital stuff will be available too. Who knows, maybe I'll even get around to throwing up some lame YouTube videos. "Throwing up" being the operative words, because that's what my son will be doing when he sees the quality of my work.

Welcome to bargaincomics.net.

Let's read some comics.

-Vince Brusio

Twitter: @VinceBrusio